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The Rhythm and Blues, Rhythm & Blues also wrote, often abbreviated to R & B, R'n'B or RnB, music is a term introduced in 1949 by Jerry Wexler, then a journalist for Billboard magazine. The term is a politically correct version of the definition then used race music, which is considered offensive to blacks. More than one definition of a well-defined genre, Rhythm and Blues has been used historically to describe generally the contemporary popular music of African Americans. At the dawn of R & B was a rhythmic version of the blues, played for the vast majority of African Americans. Subsequently, mainly for economic reasons, was assimilated by white and inspired as the Rock and Roll. However, it is difficult to establish a clear line of difference between the two kinds of contamination if not before the birth of the so-called soul and R & B and modern. He was heavily influenced by jazz, boogie, blues and gospel. In the sixties Rhythm and Blues went out of fashion to be replaced by other expressions (such as soul music).

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