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"The tango is not male; torque is: fifty percent of men and fifty women, although the most important step, l '" eight ", which is like the heart of the tango, it does women. No folk dance reaches the same level of communication between the bodies: emotion, energy, breathing, hug, palpitation. A virtuous circle which then allows improvisation. (Miguel Angel Zotto) »

The tango was born in Argentina and Uruguay as popular expression, and then becomes a form of art, including music, dance, song text, and although it is clear that, both in his writings and in its cultural, tango is an essential factor in the realities of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo and its suburbs in the second half of 800.
One of the tools characteristic of tango is the Bandoneón. Although the traditional tango music very syncopated, are not used in the execution of percussion instruments, and instruments are played in a very special way to give strong accents and signature rhythmic beat.


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