The twist is a musical genre of the 1960s originated from rock and roll became very popular thanks to the invention of the dance of the same name that "it is like turning off a cigarette with her feet and rub one end with a towel." It takes its name from the 1958 song "The Twist" by Hank Ballard (the musical group Hank Ballard & the Midnighters), B-side of the song "Teardrops on Your Letter" of 1959, engraved in cover in 1960 by Chubby Checker. The latter is in fact regarded as the inventor of the twist, especially after the passage of the 1961 Let's Twist Again.

The boogie-woogie is a style of music for piano blues, became very popular since the thirties and forties. At the beginning of the twentieth century pianists blacks in Texas have begun to develop a more rapid and rhythmic blues. The purpose was to entertain the people in the juke joints of the bar where the evening, we had fun and dancing. These premises were in the camps of workers such as near the yards of railway lines. Often even the trains there was a pianist. A typical song is Honky Tonk Train Blues (1927).


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