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You can not find a real inventor of this form of entertainment. Some trace it to the U.S. television programs of the sixties, in other traditions of Japanese shows where the public was involved in the performance on stage. We only know with certainty that the first karaoke machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, in the early seventies.
After becoming popular in Japan, karaoke spread then, in the eighties, in various countries of Asia, where the patrons in public places, on pre-recorded backing tracks and with the help of video screens on which flowed to time the lyrics , tried their hands in trying to reinterpret popular songs, with hilarious results evident in some cases. In addition, many Japanese anime, symbols in the texts appeared in hiragana, so you can sing.
This fashion caught on quickly in other parts of the world and aroused the interest of both the industries of electronics churned out products for this use, both professional and amateur for private use at parties, is that the music industry was not slow to produce the backing tracks to the most famous songs.
The spread of this phenomenon led indirectly to the creation of video CDs, the first version was called Karaoke CD to underline its primary use. As of today there are many professionals who use special computer programs to create their Karaoke.

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