Section devoted to Relaxation and Fitness
The World Federation of Music Therapy (World Federation of Music Therapy) gave the following definition in 1996 [citation needed]:
"Music therapy is the use of music and/or musical elements (sound, rhythm, melody and harmony) by a qualified music therapist, with one person or a group, in a process designed to facilitate and promote communication, report, learning, motor skills, expression, organization and other relevant therapeutic objectives in order to meet the physical, emotional, mental, social and cognitive necessities. 
Music therapy aims to develop the potential and/or residual functions of the individual so that he can better achieve integration intra-and interpersonal and consequentially can improve the quality of life through a process preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic. "
The term Wellness is an extension and evolution of the concept of fitness refers to a philosophy of life that puts the welfare of the person at the center of offering sports, regeneration practices as well as mental training combined with proper nutrition promote a state of well-being and mental and physical balance.
Balance and moderation are the key words that distinguish the approach to physical wellness. Each activity must be free of stressful or traumatic aspects that often involve sports and fitness, so as a rule, has no contraindications. The term wellness has spread around the world at the same time aware that today's society exposes people to a state of physical and psychological stress at the root of many diseases. The spa has the primary objective to propose virtuous behavior in motor activity, feeding and "maintenance" of your emotional state.
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